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Don’t Just Headstand, Stand Out.


There is no one way to live your life. Every single one of us has a unique offering to this Earth. From our passions, our talents, our perspectives and even our hearts- even those who sing the same song, sound different when they sing it together.

When it comes to our yoga and meditation practices though, we are consistently told to seek inward. Whether it is understanding our thoughts and feelings or reminding ourselves how the function is more important than appearance. This is a wonderful way to remain focused on our own journeys in life. As beneficial as this is, there is no denying that our surroundings impact so much of how we think and feel. Fresh flowers in the kitchen, catching yourself in the mirror wearing your favorite outfit, watching a calming sunset- these sights have a significant bearing on how we perceive the world.


It Just Makes Sense

With different experiences, backgrounds and personalities; the way we understand the world around us can differ from person to person. However, the way we take in the information is fundamentally quite similar.

 That is where our senses come in. Ever wondered why a baby wants to put everything in their mouth? That is because at that age, a sense of taste is the easiest way for a little one to figure out everything around them. As we grow, our senses play a huge role in our day to day lives, in so many ways.

 Think about how the following things make you feel:

-          The smell of freshly baked biscuits wafting through the house

-          The feeling of a hug from somebody you love

-          The sound of the waves crashing on the beach

-          The taste of having your favourite meal after a long week

All these feelings belong to our senses, so it only makes sense that our sense of sight also can invoke the same feelings of love, comfort and joy, right? Absolutely. That is why focusing on making your space beautiful and unique to you can be just as beneficial to your life as taking time to breathe or drinking herbal tea.


The Power of YOUR Look

Being surrounded by pretty things is not the only way to satisfy your sense of sight. There is much more of a personal element to it, and it can come down to simply how we choose to express ourselves visually.

 The world would be so boring if we all looked the same, wouldn’t it? From colouring your hair or finally wearing those shoes that you purchased after thinking about for months- there are ways that we present ourselves that are unique to the world. Often, we can find our tribe by the way we present ourselves to the world. How many times have you made a new connection by commenting on somebody’s band t-shirt or asked them where they bought their shoes? By standing out and broadcasting your tastes to the world, you can surround yourself with the things you love while also attracting those who may have a similar taste.

There are so many opportunities for self-expression. The way we decorate our homes, how we do our makeup in the morning- there are so many opportunities for self-expression and when we are denied it, we can often feel stifled. If there is one place where we should be getting in touch with who we are at our very core, that is in our yoga practice. Whether you practice at home or go to a studio, there are little ways we can express our individuality-and it is not just relegated to the outfits you wear.

That is why at Zen Vibes we have put so much time and energy into our printed yoga mat collection.

Whether you are looking for a mat that suits the serene aesthetic for your home practice or want to use a mat that fully captures the essence of who you are- there are so many reasons why a printed cork yoga mat belongs in your hands. From our moon phase yoga mat to our many different floral and mandala prints- there is an abundance of options to choose from. No more feeling like you must roll it away to keep your space looking beautiful. No more getting it mixed up with other people’s mats when you practice away from home.


Going Beyond Yoga

Do you have to be a practicing yogi to embrace the beauty that comes with our printed cork yoga mats? Definitely not!

With such enticing designs, we can understand that even if you do not practice yoga, one may have caught your eye. Just like how we present ourselves differently, have unique tastes and are on different journeys- our daily movements come in different forms. From the Pilates enthusiasts to the at-home workout fans and everything in between- our mats make the perfect exercise mat. Even if you are somebody that just likes to sit on the floor and stretch- there is no right or wrong way to use our Premium cork yoga mats for yoga.

At the end of the day, embracing who you are is one of the best ways to not just get the most out of your yoga practice but also to get the best out of your life as well. We all deserve to surround ourselves with beauty. We all deserve to express ourselves in a way that is true to our individuality. Whether you want to stand out or find the people who match your energy, there are moments in every day we can fully bask in who we are and what we love. From owning something as specific as a printed cork yoga mat to as broad as just dressing unique to you- embrace everything that looks beautiful to you.

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