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Premium Cork Yoga Mat with Rubber Back | Butterfly Love | 4.5 mm
4.5 mm Cork Natural Yoga Mat Butterfly Print
4.5 mm Thick Cork Rubber Yoga Mat Butterfly Print
4.5 mm eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mat Butterfly Print
4.5 mm Cork Rubber Yoga Mat Top Rolled Butterfly Print
colorful butterfly cork yoga mat
High Performance Cork Top
Cork yoga mat rubber bottom

Premium Cork Yoga Mat with Rubber Back | Butterfly Love | 4.5 mm

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Product Highlights

Eco- Friendly

Naturally Antimicrobial


Ultra-Grip with Sweat


“When you find yourself cocooned in isolation and you cannot find your way out of darkness...Remember, this is similar to the place where caterpillars go to grow their wings”

-Necole Stephens

This butterfly love mat delivers a strong message. To become a butterfly, a caterpillar undergoes massive transformation. During this entire process, the caterpillar stays in a cocoon and at the end of it, emerges out as a beautiful butterfly. It is this magical transformation that is inspiring in so many ways. It teaches us that, change, even though it takes time and can be a little difficult in the beginning, can lead to beautiful results. It teaches us the value of letting go of the old, in order to discover the new. It helps us realize the value of growth, patience, perseverance, adaptation, and faith.

Elevate your practise with our range of eco-friendly 4.5mm thick cork mats that are self- sanitizing and suitable for all men, women & kids and for any kind of practise.The premium layer of natural cork provides a strong grip and antimicrobial surface that is easy to care. A high dense, toxic - free natural rubber bottom adds to the balance and support. All our mats come with carry strap to make it easy to carry anywhere

Buy yoga mat online for personal use or for your friends and family. This sustainable mat makes a wonderful gift idea that will bring instant happiness to any fitness lover.


    Made extra thick to allow more cushioning & support

    • Length 183cms X Width 61cms X Thickness 4.5mm
    • Weight: 2.30kgs

    Unique Water Based Prints

    Combining our love for art and design we have created these beautiful printed mats that will inspire a deeper connection with your practice. Printing inks used are water based and 100% eco friendly.

    Naturally Antimicrobial

    Cork is a naturally anti-microbial material. It eliminates odour, bacteria and germs while repelling molds & mildew. Hence it is a low maintenance self - cleaning mat and provides germ and odour free hygienic surface for years.

    Key Features

    • Natural & Plant based
    • Front Cork with Rubber bottom unlike other mats with TPE/PVC
    • Eye catching range of print designs
    • Printing Inks are Water- based & eco friendly
    • Antimicrobial properties help control odour & eliminate bacteria
    • Superior grip for both wet & dry surfaces which increases with sweat
    • If you find that your mat is a little slippery before you start your practice, you can spray some water on your hands for better grip or spray the mat with water to activate sweat-grip in cold practices until your body is warm
    • No towel required
    • Non-Toxic Top & Bottom that is chemical free
    • Extra thick Cushioning with 4.5mm density for comfort & joint support
    • Low Maintenance & easy to care
    • Includes Carrying Strap/ belt to make it easy to carry anywhere
    • Eco -Packaging with mats rolled & wrapped in paper & then packed in boxes made from recycled materials


    • Gently wipe the mat using cold water on a soft clean cloth
    • For extra cleaning, use water mixed with mild detergent.
    • Air Dry before you roll & put it away after every practise
    • For storage, roll the mat with the printed side out. Never fold or crease your mat, roll it up loosely
    • Avoid direct sun exposure
    • Wipe with wet cloth to remove floating ink if any before first use