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Cork Blocks

Yoga Blocks

Yoga may look effortless and easy but in reality it can try your capacity for stretching and moving in every possible way. Practicing the difficult postures without any help may further seem like a daunting task and that is where the humble yoga block comes in! 

Know the Yoga Block

A rather simple tool that is used for performing Yoga Asanas, yoga block helps in aligning the body while you are in the middle of your yoga routine. Overall, the use of yoga blocks depends on your experience and the level of yoga that you are able to practice. 

The advantages of Yoga Blocks are Innumerable

- For Beginners - it helps to get the postures right with perfect alignment

- For Experienced - helps in performing more complicated yoga poses with perfection

- Clearly, the yoga blocks are a must-have for anyone who practices yoga so make sure     you have them in your studio or home when you begin your routine. 

Zen Vibes and the Collection of Yoga Blocks 

Considered to be the most versatile of all the yoga props, the blocks are made using high quality and durable materials to ensure that you never have to compromise on your practice. The Cork Yoga Blocks are the newest addition to a rather fabulous collection of the already available blocks here at Zen Vibes. These cork blocks are obtained from rapidly growing cork oak trees, making them an entirely renewable resource and are also very lightweight. What makes the cork yoga blocks the perfect choice is the fact that they provide the right support you need for all those difficult yoga postures.  Additionally, they provide an adequate grip with the rounded edges on the cork blocks. The texture of the block also ensures sufficient traction needed for your postures; thus making them the most favorable choices for yogis. 

Keeping in mind the importance of these blocks, Zen Vibes has a classic range of beautifully printed blocks to add that extra beautiful look. Whether you’re a fan of mandala art or like the beautiful flower prints, the Zen Vibes blocks are something you’d like to add to your regular practice - keeping those boring blocks away. Since these prints are all neutral you can pair them well with your plain yoga mats or the printed ones - however you may like. 

Check the beautiful collection of yoga blocks online at Zen Vibes and see what you’d like to add to your home or studio.