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Microsuede Mats

Synthetic fibre is another name for the substance known as microfiber. It contains high-quality polymers like polyester and polyamide. As we all know, polyester fibre has a wonderful feel and is best recognized for having qualities similar to those of a soft towel. However, polyamide, which is thick and durable, is a material that has good absorbent quality as well.
This demonstrates that microfiber is a material with excellent absorption qualities and is durable as well because of the components it is made up of, and the mats manufactured from this fibre are unquestionably among the finest.
The best option for you if you enjoy doing Yoga or Pilates is a microfibre mat. We make this claim because Microfiber Yoga Mats, give good grip, and balance, plus are soft and absorbent, which makes them perfect for people who perform power Yoga or Pilates and sweat a lot.

What makes the Microfiber Yoga Mats offered by Zen Vibes unique?

Our Microfiber Yoga Mats are made from a natural rubber source without the use of silicone, hazardous glues, or PVC.
Our microsuede yoga mat securely decomposes at the end of its useful life. Since it is natural, you can even cut it down, mix it with compost, and utilize it. Now that you are investing in something safe for you and the environment, you must be in awe

Management advice for your Microfiber Yoga Mat:

Make sure not only your floors are clean, but also your Microfiber Mat is constantly clean. This will help you connect with nature and your inner self better and will also improve your yoga performance. That enhances your technique and creates profound mental flow. 
Now, if you're thinking that it also relies on the kind of Yoga or Pilates mat you use, know that every mat has a certain level of quality. The Mat is made of Microfiber material for absorbing more sweat and moisture. 

Here are some suggestions for cleaning it.

  • Clean your Microfiber Yoga Mat with warm water or clean it with a wet cloth. Note- When you clean your mat with water make sure not to deluge the whole mat in water.
  • If your Microfiber Mat gets too dirty and has got some stubborn marks. So you can remove dirt or stubborn marks with mild, natural shampoo or detergent which is oil-free. Wipe it out gently. Also, use a tiny brush or a toothbrush to remove obstinate stains. And before drying the mat wipe out the detergent.

          NOTE:- Do not use the brush with pressure otherwise your microfiber mat gets damaged.

  • One of the main tips to keep your mat clean is to make sure you wash it and hang it in the Air so that it can dry. 

          NOTE:- Do not hang it in direct sunlight as it might fade away the colour. 

Suggestion:- Therefore, Zenvibes will also advise you to choose one of our darker mat patterns if you want to practice yoga outdoors. We recommend you for routine cleaning.

Therefore, if you are serious about investing in the best Yoga Mats, we advise you to check out our premium-quality mats, which are also on sale right now. We are Australia's top online retailer of Microfiber Yoga Mats. We produce and sell the items at fair pricing since we are aware of what the clients need.