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Cork Wheels



Improve Your Practice with Cork Yoga wheels

Designed to massage the spine and open the chest, a yoga wheel is incredible to use for even 5 minutes each day after returning home from sitting with bad posture for over 8 hours - that’s how beneficial it is! 

Know the Yoga Wheel

A hollow, circular shaped prop designed for aiding stretching, releasing tension and improving flexibility, the yoga wheel is basically everything yogis need or even those who are targeting relaxation of the spine. Honestly, the demand of the equipment is escalating quicker than one could have actually imagined and that’s primarily because of its versatility and how it can aid us to stretch deeper and release tension in hard to access places. When you’re practicing on the cork yoga wheels you can roll, lie, and lay on them, breathing regularly - it opens your shoulders like no block can.

The Advantages of Yoga Wheels

    • Helps you nailing those difficult stretches safely
    • Helps in preventing injury during yoga 
    • Improves flexibility 
    • Helps in relieving aches and pains
    • Makes you stronger 
    • Will stop you from hunching
    • Can help you wind down

Zen Vibes and the Collection of Yoga Wheels

Definitely the highest in demand kind of yoga prop, the yoga wheels are something that one surely cannot overlook when considering the practice of difficult yogic asanas. However, selecting the right (comfortable) wheels is something to look forward to - and that is exactly why choosing Zen Vibes is a rather great choice. 

The newest addition to an already amazing collection of wheels is the cork wheels - the newest and the most eco-friendly choice that you can make. The cork yoga wheels are fabulous not only because they come as a sustainable choice but also because they keep you very close to the earth - a kind of Zen vibe that comes from them. Apart from this, these cork yoga wheels are just as comfortable and stable as any other that you have in mind. 

If you’re someone who has some kind of affinity for prints and mandala art, then the Zen Vibes printed yogic wheels are something you need to look forward to. The printing ink used on these cork yoga wheels is water based and 100% eco-friendly just like you need them to be to stay close to the values of earth and soil. The artwork is purely classic and we’re sure you’ll love it because it has been created so wonderfully keeping in mind how an equipment like the yoga wheel will play a role in enhancing the overall aesthetic look of your studio or yoga room. 

Check a rather fabulous collection of all kinds of yoga wheels and the very intricately painted cork yoga wheels at Zen Vibes and add something top notch for your practice today! Also, you can be rest assured about the pricing because that’s not where you’d be losing.