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If you’re practicing yoga, you’re basically always learning - exactly why you always need the equipment and the accessories! 

At Zen Vibes we understand what you need to master your yoga practice and that is exactly why we always have the top notch range available for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for blocks, yoga wheels or yoga straps, everything is available under one roof at Zen Vibes. 

Yoga Straps - What You Shouldn’t Miss Out On 

Irrespective of your experience at yoga, a yoga strap or stretching belt can be a useful piece of equipment at your practice. The belt basically aids you in reaching difficult poses, and over a period of time they will help you in increasing your flexibility and alignment. 

One great benefit of the stretching strap is its ability to mimic longer arm length, better posture, the ability to practice poses that you otherwise cannot do on our own, tension relief, the ability to generate feedback from our body, and better relaxation during the exercise.

The Advantages of Yoga Stretching Belt

  • Provides support and form alignment 
  • Improves posture
  • Assists in an incredible stretch

Zen Vibes and a Whole New Range of Premium Stretching Straps

We know even the most advanced yogis will need straps and stretching belts to improve their performance and that is why at Zen Vibes we have premium stretching belts that will come to your rescue for every single practice. The belts are made from top notch material to ensure it doesn’t hurt you; additionally complete care has been taken about its width and length, ensuring that there isn’t anything that you ever have to worry about when using them. Bottom line - the stretching belts are suitable for people of all heights and will assist you perfectly throughout the practice of various yoga asanas and stretching exercises. 

As for the price of the stretching straps these are all well within the budget constraints so you can buy as many for your yoga studio or individual yoga practice at home. 

Check the collection of the stretching straps online at Zen Vibes and pick something amazing and top notch for your yoga routine.