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Baby Playing on Non Toxic Baby Floor mat from Zenvibes
Cork kids play mat 135cm by 135cm Hand Drawn Rainbow Dot print
Kids Playing on Hand-drawn Rainbow Dots Cork Kids Play Mat
Cork Baby play mat with Hand drawn Rainbow
Baby Play Mat Hand-drawn Rainbow Dots Print
Eco Friendly Cork Kids Play Mat
Rubber Cork Baby Play Mat Hand-drawn Rainbow Dots Print

Cork Kids Play Mat | Square 135cm X 135cm | Hand-drawn Rainbow Dots

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Product Highlights

Eco- Friendly

Naturally Antimicrobial


Water Based Print


This extra large play mat features a beautiful, eye-catching rug design that are not only fun for your baby but looks great in your house. The rug is made in earthy tones of natural cork with this soft rainbow polka dot design that adds a pop of color and an abundance of charm to a nursery or kids room.

Our multi-use rugs have been designed with parents and children in mind, creating a chic finish to any living space. Soft, safe, non-toxic, comfortable for the kids, mum and dad, and easy to clean makes these mats ideal for growing families that can be used for years together

It will be the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, and baby-shower.


    Made extra thick to allow more cushioning & support

    • Size: 135cm X135cm
    • Thickness: 4.5mm
    • Weight: 5 Kgs

    Unique Water Based Prints

    Creating a truly non-toxic chemical free playmat with simple, neutral & unique designs. Printing inks used are water based and 100% ecofriendly.

    Naturally Antimicrobial

    Play mats made from trees, not plastic!
    Natural, antibacterial and non-slip cork rubber play mats that are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials and specifically designed for children. 
    With simple, unique and neutral designs, they’ll look great in your home!

    Truly non-toxic & chemical free mats
    The premium layer of cork is a naturally anti-microbial material. It eliminates odour, bacteria and germs while repelling molds & mildew. Hence it is a low maintenance  self-cleaning mat and provides germ and odour free hygienic surface for years.

    A high dense, toxic - free natural rubber bottom allows it to lay flat on the ground without sliding. No PVC, TPE or adhesives

    Key Features

    • 100% Natural & Toxic free
    • Front Cork with Rubber bottom unlike other mats with TPE/PVC
    • One of the safest kids play mats
    • The cork surface with natural antimicrobial properties that help control odour & eliminate bacteria
    • Eye catching range of print designs
    • Printing Inks are Water- based & eco friendly
    • Non-Toxic Top & Bottom that is chemical free
    • Extra thick Cushioning with 4.5mm density for comfort & support
    • Low Maintenance & easy to care
    • Eco -Packaging with mats rolled & wrapped in a cloth bag & then packed in boxes made from recycled materials

      *Possible allergens: natural rubber latex


    • Gently wipe the mat using cold water on a soft clean cloth
    • For extra cleaning, use water mixed with mild detergent.
    • Air Dry before you roll & put it away after every practise
    • For storage, roll the mat with the printed side out. Never fold or crease your mat, roll it up loosely
    • Avoid direct sun exposure
    • Wipe with wet cloth to remove floating ink if any before first use