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Care For Yourself, Care for the World

Self-care is a term that has made its way into the everyday vocabulary. With the stigma of taking time for yourself starting to be removed, regularly taking time to care for yourself is something that should be done by everybody. Self-care can invoke many images, but mostly it conjures up ideas of bubble baths, face masks and curling up on the couch with a television show or a good book. While these are valid forms of self-care, there are other ways people indulge.

Retail therapy, taking yourself out on a solo date or getting a massage- depending on what your interests are, self-care looks different for different people. There is an issue though when we associate self-care with many of these activities; it is not always the best in the long run for the world around them.

How Can Self-Care Be Bad?

Now you are probably wondering, how can self-care cause harm? Surely a little retail therapy or a face mask is okay. What about that regular massage appointment or that massage ball that was purchased to self-massage? Well…let’s have a look.

When it comes to any products marketed towards beauty and therapeutic goods, of course, there is an extreme likelihood that they can contain some toxic chemicals. Face masks, cleansers, body oils- may not always be the greatest for your skin and the environment. With microbeads now becoming a huge issue and pollutant, it is important when choosing those beauty products to help have a self-care to go as natural as possible. Whether that is sourcing from trusted brands or even DIY-ing, there are options out there.

Retail therapy is another major way that a little bit of self-care can turn into an environmental disaster. While it is tempting to go on a spree on our favourite fast-fashion websites, especially when there is a sale, for that moment of dopamine that a shopping spree can give us- it can also cause a whole lot of waste production. Clothes you may only end up wearing once or twice that are not only normally unsustainably produced but will eventually lead to landfill.

On the topic of retail therapy and landfill, those nifty self-massage products that have become available can cause just as many issues as fast fashion, if not more! As much as it may be tempting to buy that inexpensive massage ball or roller you found at the local department store, there is a good chance that it is made from cheap toxic materials. This means that not only are they likely to go soggy, soft and/discoloured over time. Since they do not have a long life, they will need replacing quicker that will end up going in the landfill. They may feel great at the moment, but over time and for the planet? Not so amazing.

Cork is the Future - Durable,Firm and Natural

To minimise the use of plastic, many companies have switching over to using natural cork instead. Not only is cork a sustainable product, but the growing and harvesting of cork also offset carbon emissions, making it extremely environmentally friendly. It is biodegradable, sustainable and just an overall better option compared to its plastic counterparts. Apart from the environmental benefits it is also naturally anti-microbial, sweat resistant and let’s be honest, it is a very beautiful material.

With all of this in mind, that is why Zen Vibes chooses to make products out of cork over the other materials on the market. From cork yoga mats to cork massage balls, massage peanuts and other self-care items- it truly is an incredible material. Being anti-microbial is especially beneficial when you are making products that regularly come into contact with body oils and especially feet. You will not have to worry about discolouration, the massage ball or peanut going soft or soggy and it is self-cleaning. That means you get a longer life out of these products as well as not having to worry about any odours that come with similar products.

Self-Care With Zen Vibes

Now you know how Zen Vibes’ products are made and you can remove any guilt about contributing to environmental issues when it comes to indulging in a self-care day, let’s go into how you can use the products. One of the most quintessential ways to look after yourself, especially in a stressful time, is through massage. Not only does the sensation of touch on the skin help disengage the triggers that cause anxiety and stress chemicals to be released, but massage can help relieve the physical tension that becomes apparent in the body. Anything from sitting down at our desk for long periods or running around all day can cause our body to become tense and that is why having a product you can quickly grab to relieve this tension is a brilliant way to look after yourself.

Massage balls can be used for both gentle and deep tissue massage. The smaller massage balls are great as they can get into hard-to-reach spots and can be used all over the body. The key is to let gravity do the work. Get in a position where you can lean the body part, whether that is your foot, your back or even your glutes, over the ball. Gently roll and you got some instant relief. The peanut and other products are similarly used, just the shape determines what part of the body to be used on.From pre- and post-workout to better sleep, posture and mobility improvements, cork rollers are familiar to every gym and fitness centres.

Whether you are an expert in understanding your body’s trigger points or just use it on places that feel good- cork massage products are perfect to add to your self-care arsenal. That way not only can you provide yourself with some instant relief but also you can be comfortable with the knowledge that by choosing to look after yourself you are also contributing to the health of our environment. Now that really is self-care for yourself right now and for the future.

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